The Huntsville-Walker County Chamber of Commerce PROUDLY sponsors the Huntsville Leadership Institute (HLI) and graduates an average of 20 individuals each year who are eager to serve their community with the knowledge they learned throughout the prior 9 months!  HLI was established to foster the development of community leaders from all segments of the Huntsville/Walker County area, specifically to:

    ·Promote leadership as a public responsibility
    ·Identify and develop new and emerging leader candidates for community service and improved business practices
    ·Encourage communication between current and future leaders
    ·Fill key community leadership positions with graduates
    ·Develop a large, active group of graduates

    While HLI focuses on leadership, the program also focuses on Community Awareness, Networking and Relationships!  Participants visit various businesses and organizations throughout the year; learning what makes our community unique to those around us.   Relationships are formed instantly and many last a lifetime.  Networking is a key part of the experience as well, creating the opportunity for participants to broaden their business relationships as well as personal relationships.

    Applications are available beginning in July for each class.  If you have any questions, please call HLI Coordinator Laura Green at 936-295-8113.

    "HLI helped build our foundation of understanding and broadened our perspective, but it also took us down the path of self-discovery."  - Kirstie Legerski, HLI Class #34; 2017-2018 HLI Chair

    "I think the HLI program is fabulous for networking; but, also very beneficial for developing leaders to run for public office or just get more involved with the community.  It helps people find a good fit for their area of interest in serving the community."  -Patsy Collins, HLI Class #35


    2017-18 HLI Board of Directors
    The Institute is governed by a board of directors

    Kirstie Legerski (Chair),  Texas Dept of Criminal Justice
    Andrew Miller (Vice Chair), Sam Houston State University
    Scott Francis (Immediate Past Chair,) Edward Jones 
    Hannah Allen, Webb's Uniforms
    Daniel Bayes, Bayes Achievement Center
    Scotti Castro, Edward Jones 
    Tim Hooks, Huntsville ISD
    Amy Klawinsky, Walker County 
    Clint McLaren, Wiesner, Inc.-Huntsville
    Laurie Morgan, First Financial Bank
    Celeste Slatter, Pinnacle Realty Advisors
    Cassidy Stoecklein, First Financial Bank
    Jeannie White, Snap Fitness
    Carol Smith, President-Huntsville-Walker County Chamber of Commerce
    Laura Green, HLI Coordinator-Huntsville-Walker County Chamber of Commerce


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